At Unitron, hearing matters. We believe everyone should be able to enjoy the sounds of life. That’s why we direct all our efforts to pioneering innovation. It’s why we focus on helping people hear and understand others—from a child’s question to a friend’s hello—under the most challenging conditions.

For close to a half a century, Unitron has designed and manufactured hearing instruments to meet people’s needs. We are backed by the resources of the Sonova Group, the leading global provider of hearing healthcare solutions, we develop proprietary technologies on the world’s most sophisticated platform.

Our promise

We care deeply about people with hearing loss and the professionals who support them. Together, we pursue fresh and imaginative ways to improve lives and make these advances available to everyone. This purpose-driven innovation is a priority in everything we do. Because hearing matters.

We innovate to make life better

We don’t innovate just to stay ahead of the competition. We innovate to make life better for people with hearing loss.
We are pioneers responsible for patented innovations that set new industry standards. Our more than 100 dedicated audiologists and R&D professionals work to continuously improve our unique product portfolio.

A few of our firsts

We have a history of being first – introducing in-demand feature sets and game-changing technologies and systems, including:

  • SmartFocus™: the first significant, clinically proven speech-in-noise advancement since directional microphones
  • Moxi™: the new open-fit 312 CRT (canal receiver technology) has it all – full functionality plus wireless features
  • Tandem™: the first CROS/BiCROS hearing instrument to offer the superior performance of an automatic program
  • AntiShock™: the first technology capable of identifying and instantaneously controlling sudden impulse noises, without distorting speech or environmental sounds
  • Smart Alert™ System: the first fully integrated hearing and household alerting system
  • uHear™: the first self-administered hearing screening test for the iPhone™, iPod touch® and iPad® to offer added screening sophistication. uHear was downloaded 500,000 times in its first year alone

Job one: speech understanding

Understanding speech-in-noise is the number-one concern of people wearing hearing instruments. Our audiologists and engineers share a relentless drive to improve client acceptance and satisfaction. Our commitment to this goal is unsurpassed in the hearing industry.

Our clinically proven SmartFocus the most significant advance in making speech-in-noise intelligible in more than a decade. We incorporate speech intelligibility technology into every hearing instrument we make, so everyone benefits.

We’re people helping people

We pride ourselves on our expertise, but we brag about our people.

Unitron’s employees and partners worldwide care deeply about people with hearing loss. We work closely with hearing healthcare professionals to make better hearing possible for everyone.

Our innovation culture is built on our employees’ commitment to developing products and technologies that offer real-life benefits to people with hearing loss. Our shared sense of purpose drives our global organization to deliver an outstanding customer experience through our products, sales, service, marketing and customer service through our 18 national operations and 51 international partners.

How we work, as much as what we work at, is a defining competitive advantage.

Our values

Our sense of purpose shapes our values:

  • We care: we put our hearts and minds completely into hearing.
  • We are united: we drive forward with shared purpose.
  • We challenge: we are the restless challenger.
  • We are agile: we move with speed and clarity of vision.
  • We act with integrity: people can depend on us.
  • We pursue the Wow: we thrive on delivering more than expected.

We’re driven to make a difference

At Unitron, one purpose shapes all our products: to make a difference for people with hearing loss.

We work closely with hearing healthcare professionals to create products that benefit people’s lives. Validation is critical to the development process. Each year we spend more than 45,000 hours verifying our products and technologies to ensure the design of our hearing instruments is driven by real user benefit and acceptance. We collaborate with world-renowned audiological professionals and technological experts. Our audiologists and engineers share a relentless drive to deliver technologies that make a difference.

Together, we expand our knowledge of what can be done to improve hearing, and then we apply that knowledge to create products to increase client acceptance and satisfaction.

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