Audiology Concierge has been building relationships with premier and community based facilities along the shoreline of CT for several years. We are expertly trained hearing specialists who can facilitate hearing aid training for staff and caregivers, conduct hearing clinics for private patients, and deliver educational outreach seminars.

Staff Training

We can help your staff and caregivers…

  • LEARN how to help their hearing impaired patients
  • Feel at EASE and CONFIDENT when communicating with patients struggling with hearing loss
  • IDENTIFY best practices when caring for your patient’s hearing aids

We can support your residents…

  • Helping to hear better with their hearing aids
  • Establish routines for regularly wearing their hearing aids
  • Diagnose and re-fit expensive hearing aids sitting in a dresser drawer



Educational Outreach for Caregivers and Community Seminars for Residents

Many seniors in our community are missing an opportunity to maintain their independence and dignity through better hearing. Learn about hearing loss in a professional atmosphere that encourages questions and provides in-depth answers and solutions.

You host, we speak…We are available to conduct hearing seminars, topics include:

  • Link between untreated hearing loss and dementia
  • How to prevent hearing loss
  • Hearing loss and diabetes or depression
  • Ototoxic drugs
  • How to communicate with those struggling to hear
  • Anatomy and physiology of hearing
  • Care, use and management of hearing aids and assisted listening devices
  • Technology, not all hearing aids are created equal
  • How to prevent loss of expensive devices
  • How to effectively communicate with those with hearing impairments

Free Monthly Hearing Clinics for Private Patients

Are you interested in offering free hearing clinics in your facility? Do you want to keep your residents active and engaged?

Your patients will appreciate our concierge approach. At our clinics we provide:

  • Audiological evaluation
  • Wax inspection and removal
  • Hearing aid cleaning, repair and reprogramming
  • Listening demonstrations with state of the art technology
  • Hearing aid prescriptions and fitting in the privacy of their own home or facility
  • Free home visits
  • Free 30 day trial period

Click here for a calendar of hearing clinics.

You demand the best. About us:

We are licensed, Master’s and Doctorate degree Audiologists and Hearing Instrument Specialists

  • All services are offered in the convenience of the patient’s home or nursing facility.
  • Our comprehensive patient care plan includes: Audiological evaluations, hearing aid prescriptions and fittings.
  • Our patients may also benefit from connectivity to TV systems, amplified and captioned phones.
  • We educate and counsel both the patients, caregivers and their families to ensure success with devices.
  • Our direct connections with manufacturers get us insider pricing. We offer better technology at lower prices than the discount price clubs!

After years of representing major manufacturers in the hearing care industry, Audiologist Nancy Jablonski and Hearing Instrument Specialist René Vicedomini, founded Audiology Concierge to fill a need for in-home hearing services. Their experience, expertise and technical background with state of the art technology is accompanied by an equal level of personalized service.

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