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Tips for hearing in our COVID world (masks & social distancing) and strategies to help you better understand someone with a mask on.

If you are speaking to someone that is hard of hearing:

    1. Speak slowly and a little louder, don’t shout
    2. Get the person’s attention, say their name so that they are focused on you

If they keep asking you to repeat yourself, rephrase what you’re saying

  1. Don’t talk side by side, face them when you are talking.
  2. Reduce background noise.
  3. Encourage them to get their hearing tested

If you are hard of hearing and struggling to hear

    1. wear hearing aids if you have them.
    2. Stay calm, do not get anxious.
    3. Advocate for yourself, “so sorry I didn’t hear you” Don’t be afraid to tell someone.
    4. At doctor visits, ask the professional to give you a written copy of your treatment. Ask them to follow up with text or email.
    5. Use alternate form of communication … paper/pen, apps


Why is so difficult to hear others when they wear a mask? 

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