Joe S

Getting my hearing aids from Audiology Concierge was an easy and satisfying experience. Nancy very professionally walked me through my sonogram to show me exactly which sound I was missing and where I was really hearing perfectly well. When we decided on the hearing aids that would help me the most, she scheduled Rene to come to my house to fit them the next day, in time for me to try them out on a birding trip I had planned.

Rene was also very professional, putting me at ease and explaining all the details of my new hearing aids he personalized them for my hearing. Audiology Concierge insists on scheduling a visit per week for 4 weeks until the client is totally comfortable with the way they hear, before accepting payment for the hearing aids. And I will also say that I additionally received 3 or 4 phone calls during that time to find out if the adjustments were working.  I would highly recommend Audiology Concierge to anyone who is not hearing as well as they would like.

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