If you’re nervous about seeing an audiologist or just curious how good your hearing really is, an online hearing test is a great first step to learning more about the condition of your hearing.

One of our trusted hearing aid manufactures, Widex, has developed a simple and intuitive online hearing test for anyone to take. We encourage you to go visit Widex’s website and take their online hearing test. The more you are informed about your hearing, the better choices you will make towards improving or preserving it.

Please note, an online hearing test does not replace an audiogram and complete hearing evaluation performed by a certified hearing instrument specialist or audiologist. If the online hearing test recommends hearing aids for you, please contact us for a full hearing evaluation. Even if the online hearing test does not indicate you have hearing loss, you know your body best. If you feel you’re missing out on certain sounds or parts of conversation we highly encourage you to schedule an appointment for a personalized hearing evaluation.

How Good Is Your Hearing?

If you feel you’re missing out on anything, it’s a good idea to have a hearing test. The chart below shows where common speech falls in terms of volume and pitch. Take notice to some of the activities that are considered to be too loud. If you’ve been exposed to these louder environments or activities, you may want to consider having a hearing test.