Why Oticon?

Oticon is a global company that helped to pioneer the hearing industry more than a hundred years ago. Today Oticon is one of the largest companies in the industry and a consistent leader in the science and technology of hearing.

People First

Compassion guiding innovation. It’s the principle that directs Oticon’s business, and it means that they work hard to put people first in everything we do. When we say “People First” in an ad or on a web page, it is more than a commitment to help you hear better; it’s a promise to keep your needs at the center of their business each and every day.

It all began with the founder, Danish businessman and devoted husband Hans Demant. Demant’s wife suffered from serious hearing loss. Out of his love for her and his compassion for her condition came an understanding of the role that hearing plays in living a full life, both for people with hearing loss and for their loved ones. Demant decided to devote his life to finding new technology that would help his wife cope with her loss. In 1904, he founded Oticon based on his commitment to compassionate innovation.

The Foundation at the top

Today, Oticon is still guided by the vision of Hans Demant and his son William through the Oticon Foundation which oversees the growth and direction of Oticon and its partner companies. The Foundation’s charter requires it to manage the business and to direct charitable activities that help people with hearing loss and improve the science of better hearing. Through this unique, corporation-wide commitment to people and hearing, People First has become the principle that guides our industry-leading research in hearing technology, psychoacoustics and human behavior. People First means that our passion is not just to create superior hearing instruments — it also fuels our commitment to empower people to communicate freely, interact naturally and participate actively in life.

Technology that’s second to none

Since the first days of electrical hearing aids, when hearing instruments were unnatural-sounding and hard to use, Oticon has led the effort to make hearing technology a more natural-sounding and transparent part of life. Research and experience have shown us that the more effortless and natural the sound from your hearing instrument, the easier it is for you to participate fully in the world around you.

This understanding has led Oticon to develop many industry firsts: the first fully automatic hearing instrument, the first digital hearing instrument, the first hearing instrument with artificial intelligence, one of the first instruments to use wireless binaural technology and the first design-focused hearing instrument.

Today, Oticon holds many patents in advanced hearing technology and their products are built with features available nowhere else: Speech Guard, which delivers more natural sounding speech; Spatial Sound, which preserves your ability to know where a sound is coming from; Connectivity, which links you to TV, computers and smartphones; and many other leading-edge capabilities that are exclusive to Oticon.

Your hearing is no place for compromise

Because Oticon has invested so much in studying the role that hearing plays in an engaged, productive life, they design hearing instruments to deliver the most natural sound possible. As a result, Oticon products work smarter, so you don’t have to work harder at hearing. With Oticon products, there are no shortcuts in research, technology or design. They believe, and we think you’ll agree, that your hearing — and your life — are too important to settle for less.

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