Sometimes its nice to know that there are really happy and really satisfied people who wear hearing aids. Here is a sample of a few of those people.

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Nancy Jablonski and Audiology Concierge have made my life much more pleasant! Nancy’s professional and sensitive approach to hearing loss made the transition so easy and logical after much time procrastinating about my losses. Her patience and dedication in reaching the correct goal is admirable, and her pleasure in my success is obvious. She and Rene Vicedomini are both very well suited to their avocation!

Jeanie M.

Nancy at Audiology Concierge is wonderful!! I’m a college professor and for a couple of years I had noticed that my students were mumbling more and more when we had discussions in class. The problem wasn’t with my students, but with my hearing! Nancy had me in a pair of hearing aids right away and the difference is remarkable! She stands by her work and is always available to help out!

Steve G.

I have been using my new hearing aids for several weeks now. I have been impressed with the knowledgeable and friendly assistance offered by Nancy and Rene. They provided good support during the adjustment period, after leaving my old hearing aid.

Once getting used to the new technology, it’s like joining the world around you again. After some initial reluctance about the cost, I realized one cannot afford not to afford it. I could never go back to the old way of managing my hearing loss.

Maria F.

Nancy Jablonski is my hero! Hearing is the most important part of life. Ignoring a hearing loss changes you. You are living in a world all by yourself. If you can’t communicate, you are alone and lonely and can’t be independent. I’m 93 and want to make my own decisions, but hearing loss prevents this because I couldn’t always feel confident that I heard correctly.

After struggling for years, I finally made an appointment with my audiologist. My world was changed. I hear all the gossip, I now hear everything. Hearing is natural, I feel confident that I’m hearing the first time and don’t have to ask people to repeat. I forget that I’m wearing hearing aids. No one can even see them. I feel reborn.

Nancy gave me a complete examination with a free 30 day trial. This allowed me to compare my hearing with and without the aids. I have a new life now!

Edith B.

I had been putting off the inevitable. After all, I was only 51….who do I know with hearing aids at my age? After one visit to Nancy Jablonski (Audiology Concierge), who conducted a complete hearing exam and let me test a hearing aid in the privacy of her home office which included talking on the phone and watching TV, I was convinced. My family, work and social life have improved dramatically as a result of my hearing aids which are so invisible that no one even knows I have them unless I choose to tell them! No longer is my first response to everyone ‘What?’ Thank you Nancy, for your expertise and kindness during this landmark event in my life!

Diane R.

I walked in fearing.
I walked out hearing.
Thanks to Nancy Jablonski’s knowledge, professionalism & compassion at Audiology Concierge.


The Newells’ would like to express their sincere thanks to Nancy Jablonski and René Vicedomini for their helping to make CVW (Chester Village West) a more friendly environment. Their constant carae has made talking and hearing with the Widex aids like a miracle. We all feel blessed to have found them, even tho’ many of us are in our 80’s and 90’s. Life is good! What a partnership for us all!

Richard N.

I am pleased to recommend Nancy Jablonski, the Audiology Concierge who introduced me to Widex hearing aids. She worked tirelessly with me as I chose the type of aids to which I was suited. She responded quickly to my phone calls when I had questions.

I have had three sets of hearing aids over the last ten years. These are the first ones with which I have been completely satisfied. My satisfaction includes both the both the product and the excellent service.

Mary W.

I am a teacher and my husband is a trial attorney. We slowly started to realize that we were both missing important conversational elements in our personal and professional lives. We didn’t know where to start or who to see, and were really concerned about privacy. When I heard that we could get the support we needed, together in the same appointment, and right at our kitchen table…I made the call immediately.

Laura T.

I am 91 years old and am able to live independently, thanks to Audiology Concierge. I don’t ever worry about transportation to an audiologist, and my home is set up with all the latest audio-enhancing technology. Nancy’s team set-up my amplified and captioned phone so I can stay close to my daughter and grandkids. They also connected my TV system to transmit wirelessly, direct to my hearing aids so that I never miss a beat of the UCONN game! Life is definitely good.

William G.

Words cannot express how pleased I am with my experience with Audiology Concierge.
Nancy and Rene were professional and caring. From the evaluation to the final adjustments, everything went great. When I received my hearing aids, I received a new lease on life!

A dear friend of mine purchased them for me for my 71st birthday. It was the best gift I could possibly receive. I am looking forward to living my life again.

Marilyn K.

I am very pleased with my new hearing aids. Nancy and René have been very helpful in explaining everything about them. I now enjoy hearing my friend’s conversations and my tv volume has gone from a 38-39 to a 10-11. This is a great service to seniors in our area and I will recommend them highly.

Helen H. – Madison, CT

Calling Nancy Jablonski of Audiology Concierge was the first important step I took in dealing with my progressive hearing loss. She had been recommended to me by a friend, who had been very satisfied with her outcome. I found Nancy to be extremely professional and knowledgeable throughout the entire process. She was patient and very compassionate in guiding me through the experience. Nancy recommends high quality hearing aids, which are straightforward and easy to use. Her diligence and affable manner eased my concerns, and encouraged me to improve my daily life. Now I am hearing again.

Jane L. – Chester, CT

Audiology Concierge is truly the best for not only the hearing aids, but also for the patient support with regular visits to adjust the aids and to answer the many questions we had. We are 100% satisfied.

Henry G. – Guilford, CT

I was pleased with the services rendered by Audiology Concierge. The services are technical, caring and friendly. For me, the use of the prescribed hearing aid esults were dramatic; increased and better hearing. If you are concerned about your hearing loss, make an appointment with Audiology Concierge. You won’t be sorry.

Dr. Marino G.

First, let me tell you why I needed Audiology Concierge’s services. I have been deaf in my right ear as a result of having the mumps when I was eleven years old. The diagnosis was that the nerve had been damaged. I had heard about Audiology Concierge from a friend of a friend of mine. As I am nearing my 80th year, and was afraid of losing hearing in my “good” ear, I thought I would give it a try.

Nancy Jablonski of Audiology Concierge saw me at her office and gave me reason for hope with all the new technology that had been developed. Working with Nancy and René Vicedomini was a rewarding experience. They gave me encouragement, answered my many questions and were always available and patient with me. I am happy to report that I feel comfortable and confident with my new hearing aids.

Dorothy J.